A cock and bull story. Really.

In the greek zodiac I'm Taurus. In the Chinese I'm the cock. So, horoscopes are a cock and bull story for me.

Hello out there! Can anybody tell me about a time when a horoscope actually helped them out?

Please, unless you MUST, no 1) I met Joe, and he was SUCH a Leo! or 2) horoscopes are meant to be applicable to any person in any situation, a psychological toy we can easily apply to ourselves. Bah. Maybe the weekly is, but descriptions of my particular zodiac animals tend to be quite insulting. Besides, we've all heard #2 before.


I bought some wolf bones from a fellow who sells furs and such. They are perfectly clean-seeming, white bones.

I went camping with the bones in a humid area this summer. Now they stink. It's one of those instances where I'd like a supernatural explanation but a mundane fix. They don't smell of mildew or rotted meat or musk either, they smell like feces.

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Ideas, anyone? This certainly brings up issues about respect for the dead! Anybody had a similar experience?